The Best Smart Openers for Garage Doors

Best Smart Openers for Garage1

Your front entrance is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home. Use it to greet visitors, accept packages, or tell solicitors "no." However, for many of us, the garage door is more frequent. We use the garage door to bring gardening tools, extra packages, groceries, and more. An Echo or Ring smart doorbell is excellent for the front door, but if your garage door is used just as frequently, you might want to consider a smart garage door opener.

The operation of a garage door opener was once very straightforward. The door could be raised or lowered at the push of a button. Smart garage door openers, on the other hand, are already available. There are smartphone-controlled garage door openers. It eliminates the possibility of misplacing your opener. Consider installing a smart door opener to make your garage more convenient and secure.

If you've ever gotten home to find your garage door open after a long day at work, you might want to consider a insulated garage door. The garage door is the primary entryway to our home. Therefore it makes sense to invest in smart enhancements for the garage. No more porch pirates with a smart garage door opener, making it simple to let people in (like kids coming home from school) and secure an area to drop deliveries. You can monitor your home and delivery with a simple button.

Garage door openers can be divided into four categories. The manual opener is the first. Open and close the garage door by pulling a cord or a string. Getting out of the automobile to perform this function is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Outside and inside the garage, a physical switch can be activated. You can also keep a garage door opener remote in your car so you don't have to get out. As a final step, a Wi-Fi-enabled smart garage door opener may be controlled from virtually anywhere via a wireless connection to your home's Wi-Fi network. It's also compatible with other smart home gadgets. You could, for instance, arrange your smart lights to switch on when you open your garage door late at night.

What are the best smart garage door openers?

Are you ready to invest in an innovative garage door opener s is a crucial decision to make your life easier? There are many different types of smart garage door openers on the market, but we have found some of the best ones. These openers will keep your car and home safe during power outages.

Chamberlain MyQ-G0401

It's possible to remotely open and close your garage using the Chamberlain MyQ-G0401 key fob. The myQ app for iPhone or Android will notify you when your garage door opens or closes. With my Guest, you can share control of your devices with up to three other people, whether they're family members or friends.

With Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, you can have your Amazon packages and groceries delivered inside your garage. It is free for Prime members and available in select cities and surrounding areas, but you must have a sectional garage door for it to work.

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote

The most advanced Garage Door Opener Remote supports more than 200 different garage door brands. It's also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Siri.

"Product guides and documents-User Guide" can tell you if your garage door opener is compatible with the meros door opener. If your garage door isn't consistently consistent, check to see if there are any add-ons you'll need to fix the problem.

You may see the garage door's history and monitor its status using the app. If you have an internet connection and the meross app, you can turn the door on and off from any location.

Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Connect

The Genie ALKT1-R Aladdin Connect lets you control your garage door from anywhere. You can use it with a smart device and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also use voice control.

You can set your garage door to close itself after a predetermined time. With Aladdin Connect, you may also give virtual keys to your friends, employees, and family members. Owners of AirBnB properties will appreciate this automatic garage door opener. Additional door position sensors, available separately, let you keep tabs on as many as three garage doors.

Lomita Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

You can use the wise home app, TuyaSmart app, Smart Life app, and Alexa and Google Assistant to manage traditional garage doors. You can also use your voice to operate it.

You can get alerts for your garage door's opening and closing. You will be notified via email or text as soon as it is open or closed. You can also schedule your garage door to open and close at predetermined times.

The Lomita garage door opener may be monitored from your smartphone or tablet using the free eWiseHome, TuyaSmart, or Smart Life APP. It may be used with virtually any major brand of garage door opener.

Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

For those searching for a garage door opener that they can set and forget, the Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is a great choice. The Refoss Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener is an excellent option if you're looking for a garage door opener that you can set and forget. It's hardwired, so you only need to wire it once. The receiver also requires power, so you don't have to worry about that.

The Refoss will notify you when the door is open and closed automatically if desired. You can choose different notification modes, like a reminder to close the garage door overnight. The Refoss works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

To use Google Assistant or Alexa with Refoss, you must set a PIN. This provides extra security. The stickers in the package are not very strong, so we recommend you use extra Command Strips to keep the garage door opener from falling.

The Best Smart Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener was one of the first pieces of technology to make homes' bright'. People have been using radio-controlled remotes to open garage doors since 1931, nearly 20 years before the TV remote was invented. Even though the technology for modern smart homes has been present for some time, garage doors have been hesitant to adopt the innovations. Not many companies make products for this market, and most seem designed for people who like to work on cars in their garages rather than those who want a complete smart home.

The excellent news is that such devices are becoming smaller and more powerful. While the garage door might remain a bit different from other devices in your smart home, adding an intelligent garage door controller offers some real advantages. For example, you can open and shut the door anywhere, letting in guests, relatives, or delivery people. You will also be able to check whether the door is open or closed in real-time.

If you frequently fail to shut the door, or if you worry about whether you remembered to shut it when you left for a two-week road trip, then you should buy a door sensor.


11 Best Smart Garage Door Openers

1. Tailwind iQ3 Smart Automatic Garage Controller Pro

Tailwind iQ3 Professional Smart Automatic Garage Controller comprises features that make it the ideal intelligent garage door opener option. It works with most door openers and is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Homekit, SmartThings, and IFTTT. It also has a night mode for extra security.

The Tailwind iQ3 is unique because it can open your garage door when you arrive home and close it when you leave. This feature is called geofencing. You need a Bluetooth-equipped car and an Android phone to use this feature, or you can buy an accessory that will work with iPhones and older vehicles that don't have Bluetooth.

The iQ3 has many other features, like a night mode that will close the door if left open for more than 5 minutes. And a sharing trait that allows others to control the door at certain times of the day. This opener is also compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, allowing you to control it with voice commands.

The Tailwind iQ3 is more complicated to set up than many competitors because it uses a wired sensor. But this tradeoff makes it more reliable. Wireless sensors are easier to install but more likely to fail.


Operate via app or Bluetooth proximity

Works with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home

Free adapter available to improve compatibility


It needs an adapter for iPhone automatic controls

Unattractive look

It needs an adapter for iPhone automatic controls

2. Meross Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener MSG100

The Meross Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener MSG100 is an excellent way to make your garage door opener smarter without spending too much money. It is simple to install and has an unbelievable price. It lacks some of the functions seen in more expensive clever garage door openers. Nonetheless, it does comprise some. It serves specific fundamental purposes. The app will alert you if your garage door is left unattended for too long.
The smart garage door opener is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit (with the HomeKit-enabled model), SmartThings, and IFTTT. You can use voice control or automation with these devices. Suppose your garage door opener is not compatible with the Meross opener. In that case, you can get an adapter or solder if you know how.


Easy setup

Broad brand compatibility

Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit support


It needs an adapter for some garage door openers

Light on features

Best Smart Openers for Garage2

3. Alcidae Garage 2

Some smart garage door openers can be outfitted with a camera. You can also use a camera that doesn't connect to the opener. The Alcidae Garage 2 is an easy-to-use integrated solution you can install yourself. It is considering its magnetic foundation. You must also physically connect it to the garage door opener for power and control. It also includes wood and plastic adhesive mounting option.

The Alcidae Garage 2 has a built-in 1080p camera that records when it senses movement. You can access your garage in real-time and operate the door from any location with an internet connection. However, you must pay monthly to use the cloud video storage service.


Integrated camera

1080p video

Two-way audio


Cloud storage requires a monthly subscription

The motion sensor can be over sensitive

Can't set zones for the sensor

4. Nexx Smart WiFi Garage Door Controller NXG-300

The Nexx Smart WiFi Controller GXG-300 works with Alexa without needing a skill. It's very easy to install - you don't need to wire anything together physically. The wireless sensor is very easy to set up. On the other hand, wireless sensors can experience interference and disconnection issues. Nexx provides a wired sensor as an extra for those who experience this problem.

The Nexx GXG 300 garage door opener also has robust Alexa support, as well as support for Google Assistant and Siri voice commands. You can use the companion Nexx Home app to remotely operate and monitor your garage door, even when the internet is out. Bluetooth is also supported by the Nexx GXG 300.


Native Alexa and Google Assistant support

Easy installation with wireless sensor

External antenna for strong WiFi connection


Wireless sensor prone to disconnection

The wired door sensor is not included

The adapter is needed for some garage door openers

5. NEXX GARAGE Remote Garage Door Opener

. For Alexa users, The Nexx Garage is the top intelligent garage door opener. However, it also functions with Google Home, enabling voice commands to open or close the door. However, installation is more difficult because a cable needs to be run from your garage door to the door opener.

Subsequent owners can permit multiple users. Whom. You can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to open your door. Just Drive's feature uses geofencing to detect when you're arriving home. It will automatically open the garage door for you if you choose.

Nexx has a list of garage door openers that will not work with its system. The list is incomplete, however, as Nexx has a newer model, the NXG-200, which is currently available for $79.99. Next is the process of reviewing this more recent model.


Simple app and hardware design

Can manage multiple users

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant


Frustrating setup

The components in the box don't match the manual or website.

6. Meross Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener MSG200

A great option is the Meross Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener. Suppose you're looking for a garage door opener that integrates well with HomeKit and can be controlled by up to three devices. The third support requires more hardware, but it's still a great option. It also works with Google Assistant and Samsung's SmartThings and has an app you can monitor and control the garage door when you are not home.

This unit is an excellent option if your WiFi is not very strong. It has an external WiFi antenna, which means it can connect in areas other smart garage door openers can't. This unit also has other helpful features. For instance, the alarm should sound when the door is closed. The door should close automatically every night if left open by accident, and the alarm should sound when the door is closed.


Native HomeKit compatibility

External WiFi antenna

Operates up to three doors


Add-on hardware to operate the third door

Difficulties connecting to some mesh networks

7. iSmartGate Pro Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener

The iSmartGate Pro is more expensive than other options but has features you won't find in other models. This kit works with HomeKit, Assistant, SmartThings, Alexa, and IFTTT. It is also compatible with all garage door openers. Alternatively, suppose your WiFi is not very good in your garage. In that case, you can use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to create a network connection.

The iSmartGate Pro differs from most smart garage door openers because it doesn't rely on the cloud. It uses its computing power and an internet connection, resulting in greater privacy. You may link it to any IP (or network) camera to add video surveillance, which you can view on your phone via the connected app. The software also offers status updates and allows you to operate the door remotely. You may grant additional users time-limited access.


Works with all innovative home platforms

Integrates with any IP camera

Wired Ethernet option



Complicated setup

Best Smart Openers for Garage3

What to Look for When Purchasing Smart Garage Door Openers


You may add a smart garage door opener to your existing one or replace it with one with the smarts built in. Look for an add-on kit for your existing garage door opener if you want the simplest installation possible. Choose one with a wireless sensor and controls.

Add-on kits are cheaper, easier to install (usually no wiring), and have different features. But sometimes, they don't work with your garage door opener. Integrated units are more expensive and harder to install, but they always work with your garage door opener.

If your garage is more than a few decades old, installing a new garage door opener might be best. Older garage door openers don't have key safety features. If it is more recent than that, but you don't have the features you want, then you can buy a compatible kit.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Most smart garage door openers connect to the internet wirelessly. Nonetheless, some support communication via a wired Ethernet connection. Wired connections are always more reliable than WiFi connections. Still, you must run a physical cable from your router to your garage.

Compatibility means your innovative home system can work with your garage door opener. If you add a kit, ensure it works with your innovative home system and garage door opener. If you get a new garage door opener with integrated intelligent controls, ensure it works with your innovative home system.

Extra Features

The main thing you can do with a smart garage door opener is controlled it with a phone app and your innovative home system. But if you want more control, you should look for an opener with features like cameras and the ability to share control with others.

You may want to consider a garage door model with automatic controls that will open and close the door for you when you come and go. It can be helpful if you have a busy schedule. Another feature is compatibility with Amazon and Walmart's in-garage delivery services.

How To Make a Garage Door Smart

There are two ways to make your garage door smart. You can replace your garage door opener with a new, smart one. Or, you can make your current opener smart by adding a particular device.

Replace Garage Opener

Who Should Do It:

If you have a garage opener manufactured before 1993, you need to replace it with a smart one.


You'll need two to four hours and basic DIY skills to install a garage door opener from scratch. If you are doubtful of your talents, it is advised that you consult a specialist. You'll need these things:

  • Laser Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Open-end wrench
  • Ratchet and socket
  • Power drill
  • Tape measure
  • Lag bolts

Here is a general overview of installing a garage door opener, which might differ depending on the make and model.

  • Put the carriage tube together.
  • Set the carriage tube in place.
  • Place the carriage on top of the tube.
  • Set the header bracket in place.
  • From the ceiling, hang the power supply.
  • Place the bracket connecting the power unit to the carriage arm in place.
  • Connect your safety gadget.

Upgrade Your Existing Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener was built after 1993 and has the necessary safety sensors, you don't need to replace it. You can buy a hub to make your "dumb" garage door opener smart. It works with both sectional and single-panel garage doors.


Depending on your smart hub, the installation procedure for the myQ Smart Garage Hub will vary. For the myQ Smart Garage Hub, you will need the following:

  • Smartphone
  • WiFi router with 2.4 GHz frequency
  • WiFi network and password
  • Strong WiFi signal
  • Compatible garage door opener (see chart below)

If your WiFi signal is not strong, you may need to add a range extender or another node to your mesh WiFi system.

Follow these procedures to install the hub and link it to your iOS device:

  1. Log in to the myQ app.
  2. Tap the Smart Garage Hub.
  3. Hit Next.
  4. Plug in the Hub. It should blink blue.
  5. Unplug the hub and re-plug it if the blue light doesn't flicker. When the blue light blinks, press and hold the gear button; if it doesn't, let go if necessary. Repetition will cause the hub to reset. Reconnect it by first unplugging it once more.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Unplug the hub and re-plug it if the blue light doesn't flicker. If the blue light doesn't begin to blink, press and hold the gear button until it does, then let go. Repetition will cause the hub to reset. Reconnect it by first unplugging it once more.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Scan the hub's rear to reveal its serial number.
  10. Click Join.
  11. Select a WiFi network.
  12. Your password is here.
  13. Click Next twice.
  14. Take the tab from your door sensor.
  15. Click Next.
  16. The door sensor button should be pressed until it beeps and lights.
  17. Click Next.
  18. Installing the door sensor requires finishing the remaining app steps.

Benefits of a Smart Garage Door

There are many advantages to having an intelligent garage door, including the following:

  • If you forget to close your garage door on your way to work, you can do so using the remote control app on your phone.
  • You will also be able to see a log of your garage door's activity throughout the day. It will help you track when your kids come home.
  • To keep track of home security, you can receive a notification every time your garage door opens or closes.
  • Instead of a traditional remote, you can use your phone as one.
  • Home automation can help you control other devices with your garage door. For example, our intelligent lights turn on when our garage door opens. This way, we can see better when we come out of the car. You can learn more about home automation and smart homes in general by reading this article.
  • Some garage door openers can be controlled with voice commands, so we can tell Alexa to let us in the garage!

Garage WiFi

Is the WiFi signal in your garage strong enough to operate your controller? Here's how to find out.

  1. You can check the WiFi signal strength in your garage using a mobile app on an iOS or Android device. Some good apps to try are WiFi Analyzer or something similar.
  2. If your WiFi signal is not very strong, you can add a range extender or an additional node if you use a mesh WiFi system.
  3. Change your router if your signal strength is still inadequate.

Smart Home Integrations

If you already have a smart home, you'll want a controller that works with your voice assistant and can control other devices in your home.

Power Options

There are a few types of power for garage door openers.

  • Wireless: A battery-operated garage door opener won't rely on your home's power. It will work through a WiFi extender or mesh WiFi, a network of routers and satellites. We tested Nest WiFi for our article on the best smart home devices. Investigate that further if you are unsure how to get things going in the first place.
  • Ethernet cables: If you don't want to change the door opener's batteries, you can run an Ethernet cable from your controller to the door opener.
  • Power line: The last option is to connect your garage door control to your home's electrical wiring.

If your garage door controller depends on your home's power, ensure it has a backup battery in case of power outages.


The cost of a smart garage door opener varies from $40 to $120, depending on whether you need to upgrade your controller or add a smart hub. The price of the myQ Smart Hub is around $39, or $57 if you require a WiFi extender.

Mobile App

Finding an intelligent garage door controller with a good app is essential. Check out the app ratings on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Garage Door Extras

If you have some extra money, you might want to invest in some garage accessories like these:

  • Wall push button
  • Surge protector
  • Keypad
  • Remote
  • Light bulb
Best Smart Openers for Garage4

Final Thoughts

A remote-controlled garage door is an excellent method to increase the security of your house. The only thing you should do, though, is not that. Get a home security system with sensors and cameras for your garage. A home security system can help keep your house safe from intrusion.

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