Mini Tiller Reviews: The Best Tillers on the Market

There are different types of tillers on the market. You might think that all tillers are the same, but that's not true! This blog post will discuss the different types of mini tillers and help you decide which one is right for you.

To have success with gardening, you need healthy soil. One of the best ways to maintain it is to make sure it is well tilled. You can do this by hand, but it is a lot of work. So, it makes sense to get a mini-tiller to tilling small gardens and raised beds. Just like brush trimmers and other yard maintenance tools, you can use this to keep your garden looking great!

1. Mantis 4-Cycle 7940 Mini Tiller

The Mantis 4-cycle mini tiller is a great tool to use. It is small, measuring 9 inches wide, but very powerful. You can use it for many different tasks.

This 25cc gas-powered machine runs on gas. The Honda engine is powerful enough to spin the tines faster than most regular models of a similar size. This machine reaches an impressive speed of 240 RPM.

The hand-operated throttle provides better control. This means you can make more adjustments and monitor the speed more easily.

The blades on this tiller are curved, which helps it dig in deeper. You can set the tines to a shallower depth if you do not wish to till as deeply.

You can choose to cultivate the soil by digging only 3-4 inches into it. This is a more advantageous level for soil cultivation.

This device includes a convenient kickstand that is excellent for refilling or storing it while not in use. The kickstand assists in propping up the tiller if you need to take a break.

Because this tiller is fueled by gas, it gives more power than most battery-powered or corded electric tillers. When you first use this, don't be shocked if you feel a little bit of a kick!

The machine is easy to use once it is assembled. However, there is one main drawback:

Even though most people find it easy to assemble, you need to be careful when putting it together. Without caution, you can make errors that result in difficulties, such as an engine that is not straight, a gas tank that leaks, or a kickstand that does not work.

Some of this might not be ideal, but you can avoid any problems by being careful and paying attention to detail.

The Mantis 7940 has a 2-year warranty.


Small gas tiller

Curved blades maximum tilling depth

Start-up ea


Some buyers found the assembling difficult.

Unlike electric tillers

2. Earthwise TC70025 Corded Electric Tiller Cultivator

This tiller is miniature and perfect for people who have small yards. It is also very efficient to use.

The electric motor in the weed eater is powerful and efficient. It runs smoothly and doesn't take long to power up.

These tines have a width of 7.5 inches and a depth of 6 inches, making them perfect for most small gardening jobs.

If you're planning to make any improvements to your garden, such as adding a new flower bed, this is an excellent tool to have.

The tiller is simple to operate. All you have to do is flip the simple switch on, and the engine will begin to run. Additionally, it is lightweight, making it ideal for flower beds and raised beds. The handle grips are made of a soft material, which helps prevent wrist strain.

Although a corded electric power source is not as powerful as a model that runs on gas, it does have other benefits.

There are many benefits of going vegan. For starters, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint, which is helpful for the environment.

Additionally, it is noticeably quieter. This makes it an excellent choice for residential locations.

The primary downside of this unit is that it is inefficient compared to other, more robust designs. This is because the blades are more likely to collide with difficult terrain than to cut through it. This is a frequent occurrence with electric tillers.

Earthwise backs up the TC70025 with a two-year warranty.


7.5" tilling width is very narrow.

Lightweight and affordable


Hard soil demands more time and works to break up.

3. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Cultivator

The Troy-Bilt TB60 is the simplest tiller on this list. It is easy to use because you don't have to add oil, gas, or an electrical cord.

A Briggs & Stratton 82V lithium-ion battery powers the machine. A 2 Ah battery gives you 30 minutes of run time, while a 4 Ah or 5 Ah battery will give you more time.

The tiller does not come with a battery or charger.

The compact size of this tiller makes it easy to transport. You don't need another power source to move it around. The 8-inch wheels and comfortable handlebars make it easy to use.

The 800-watt brushless motor is a good choice because it is reliable and provides enough power for most jobs. The sealed metal gear drive transmission also performs well and is known for its durability.

This tiller is perfect for backyard work. The adjustable width of 5-10 inches means it can get into tight spaces. While the 5-inch depth is good enough for shallow tilling and soil cultivation.

The Snapper XD is a great domestic tiller. Additionally, it includes a 5-year limited guarantee.



Due to its extremely short minimum tilling width, it is ideal for compact locations.

Protracted warranty


Lacks power for working on harder soil

4. Honda FG110 4-Cycle Middle Tine Forward-Rotating Gas Mini Tiller Cultivator

The Honda FG110 has a great engine that is positioned above the tines. This provides more weight and balance when churning tougher ground.

This machine is designed for maximum performance, dependability, longevity, and ease of use. The Honda GX25 25cc 4-stroke engine is ideal for moderately compact soils. Additionally, it complies with CARB regulations.

The forward-rotating tines use a hybrid design, making them extremely powerful and effective.

The transmission is constructed to survive for an extended period and is extremely durable. The front-engine guard is also designed for safety.

Additionally, it features an adjustable depth bar, a comfortable grip, and easy-to-use controls.

This item is covered by a two-year warranty.



The design distributes additional weight over the tines.

High-quality build

Heavy-duty forward rotating tines

CARB compliant


This lightweight unit still bounces around when you use it on hard and rocky soil.

mini tiller3-min

5. Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller 27072

The Greenworks 27072 is one of the best electric mini tillers for being versatile. This means that it can do three jobs well: tilling, cultivating, and weeding.

The width and depth of the tines can be adjusted to control how you use them. This makes it more versatile.

The 6" wheels help you control the unit easily as you move it around corners.

However, there are a few drawbacks:

The tiller has limited power, making it less effective at digging tough soil. Additionally, its narrow width means that it takes more passes to a large land plot. Additionally, the lower maximum tine depth makes tilling fresh ground less desirable.

If you're looking to weed and cultivate your garden or soil is a little less compact, this little tiller can assist you.

Another plus to mention is that this product is small and foldable. This makes it easy to store and transport.

This model also includes a 3-year limited warranty.


Good for weeding, tilling, and cultivating

Good warranty

Small and easy to store


This tractor is not ideal for breaking new ground or tilling hard, rocky soils.

6. Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller And Cultivator

The Sun Joe TJ603E is an electric power tiller perfect for all of your cultivating needs. It helps you do this in an environmentally friendly way.

This weed eater has a 12-amp motor to start with a push button. You'll be happy with the power it has, as it is similar to other models that have high-emission engines. Plus, one of the great things about electric engines is how easy they are to use.

This is a good tilling model because it has six angled steel tines that rotate quickly. It can work well in most garden soils and quickly gets rid of weeds.

The back wheels on this machine can be set into three different positions to make it easy to transport. This is accomplished by positioning the wheels appropriately for the depth of tilling desired.

This vacuum cleaner's adjustable wheel and collapsible handle make it ideal for storage in tiny places.

The Sun Joe TJ603E has a 2-year warranty.


The maximum tilling width of 16" facilitates the labor of big garden areas.

Easy to start and powerful enough to till thickly packed soil


The long grass and vines can quickly clog the tines, so you sometimes have to stop and clean them off.

The flexible handle area makes it harder to grip the lawnmower when maneuvering it.

7. Earthquake 31635 Mini Cultivator

Another great choice for a mini tiller is the Earthquake Mini Cultivator. It can easily weed your garden, mix in mulch and fertilizer, and aerate soil that has already been tilled.

The Earthquake is a good choice for small to medium-sized gardens because of its small size and versatile nature.

This tool is very helpful when it comes to moving plants. You can use the special overhand controls to easily maneuver around plants, up and down plant rows, and into tight spaces. This will help keep the tool level.

The adjustable wheels are a useful feature because they let you choose the tilling depth and move the unit back and forth.

The Earthquake 31635 comes with a 5-year warranty.


Good for tilling already tilled soil

Easy to start

Easy to maneuver

Long warranty


Not so effective for tilling hard soil

8. BLACK+DECKER LGC120 Cordless Garden Cultivator Tiller

BLACK + DECKER, a well-known and trusted brand for all domestic electronics, has created a value for money product for gardening.

This model can be used as a tiller, power weeder, and cultivator.

This is a very durable and reliable unit. However, it is battery-powered, working best on previously tilled ground or soft soils. It is not the best small rototiller for breaking new ground.

If you're worried about your carbon footprint, this machine is a good option for you.

This model demonstrates the advantages of employing a battery-powered tiller. Without a cord, you can till virtually anyplace. Additionally, because there is no requirement for gas or fuel, it is simple to operate and move.

This device runs on a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery. That means it has enough power to cultivate 325 square feet in one charge.

The tines on this weed eater move back and forth. This helps keep the weeds from getting caught in the blades. So you won't have to stop as often to untangle them.

The disadvantage of this vacuum is that it is rather noisy. When it is operating properly, it makes a murmuring sound. And when it encounters something it cannot handle, it creates a rattling noise.

The unit is quite simple to maintain. However, it offers a two-year limited guarantee on the battery and charger.


A handheld rototiller is simple to operate.

Excellent for little garden tasks


Tines that oscillate counter-clockwise prevent weeds from becoming entangled in the blades.

Extremely lightweight


Lacks the power to till compacted soil

Relatively loud for a battery-powered tiller

9. TAZZ 35351 33CC Viper Mini Cultivator

The Tazz 3531 is an excellent micro cultivator because of its 33c Viper engine. This engine assists the Tazz 3531 in aerating loose soil, weeding, and mulching.

The tiller is intended for use on pre-tilled soil. However, many customers appreciate that it may also break up compacted and hard clay soils.

The lightweight design and easy-to-use controls make maneuvering around your garden a breeze. This tiller is ideal for tilling around established plants and raised beds with compact and adjustable tilling breadth.

The printer is backed by a three-year limited warranty.


Good rototiller for small garden jobs, aerating pre-tilled soil, and mixing in mulch

Easy to use

Easy to assemble


Pushing the tiller into the ground can be hard for some people because it takes physical strength. This is because the soil is harder to till.

mini tiller4-min

10. GardenTrax 38-cc 4-Cycle Forward Rotating Gas Cultivator

The GardenTrax compact cultivator is a rugged and effective tool. With the power supplied by a 38cc four-stroke engine, there is no need to mix gas and oil as with a two-stroke engine.

The available power is sufficient to till your garden. You may create beautifully tilled and well-aerated soil by twisting the forged steel reversible tines at 250 rpm.

No tools are required to modify the wheels or tines. It's simple to accomplish by hand.

This equipment is simple to operate. It features an ergonomic top handle that makes maneuvering around your garden a breeze.

A two-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.


Good little tiller for shallow cultivating of the soil

Reliable warranty if you have any problems

Easy to assemble


Rocks sometimes get stuck in the tines

Sometimes hard to start

Choosing The Best Small Tiller

The choices we've selected for the best tillers on the market. However, as you have noticed, different homes have different features and qualities.

So, how do you pick the correct one for you? In this buying guide, we'll give you some tips to help you make a good choice.

Let's get started.

Types Of Tiller

Mini tillers are classified into three distinct categories. Tiller cultivators, front tine cultivators, and mid tine cultivators are the three types of cultivators. Each variety has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The least powerful and smallest mini tillers are the tiller cultivators. They are good for small gardens of 500 square feet or less. And they're ideal for use in raised beds or for landscaping. They're often very lightweight, making them versatile and easy to maneuver.

Front tine tillers are smaller and less powerful than other types of tillers. They have a very narrow width, usually between 4-12 inches wide. Some models have an adjustable width.

Some machines have attachments that you can use. This is ideal because you only have to buy one engine and change the attachments as needed. This might include dethatchers, aerators, handheld lawn edgerstrimmer bars, plows, and furrows.

Most models are easy to transport because they have adjustable wheels and a folding handle that makes them easier to store.

Electric tiller cultivators are good for people who want to save money.

The difference between a mid-tine tiller and a front-tine tiller is that the engine for the mid-tine tiller is above the tines. This makes it easier to till the ground since there is more weight, providing better balance.

But there is a similarity between the way front-tine tillers and mid-tine tillers work. They both use their tines to dig into the soil. However, mid-tine tillers often cost more than front-tine tillers.

Mid-tine tillers are the easiest to maneuver because they are smaller. You can buy mini, mid-sized, and large models.

The main benefit of mid and front-tined machines is that they are usually less expensive than rear-tined models.

Front-tine tillers are small machines that you can use to till the ground. The engine is behind the tines, which helps push them into the ground.

A front tine tiller is more powerful than a cultivator and bigger. They are a good choice if you have a medium-sized garden because they are powerful and easy to use.

A rear tine tiller is the most comfortable and effective way to till a larger garden, particularly if you're breaking new ground.

Using a front-tine tiller can be hard work. You'll need to use physical strength, especially if the soil is tough or compact.

Just as there are different sizes of mid-tine tillers, there are also mini, medium, and large sizes. The larger units can be used for bigger gardens that are 5,000 sq. ft. or more in size.


There are 2 types of electric tillers: battery-powered (cordless) and corded.

The main issue with corded garden tillers is the cord. It can restrict your ability to move around your garden if you are far from the power source. But this isn't too much of an issue in smaller gardens.

You need to be careful not to trip over the electric cord when using the machine.

The cordless tillers usually don't have a very long battery life, so you can't use them for as long. And the corded models are usually a bit more powerful.

There are two types of gas-powered tillers: 2-cycle and 4-cycle. They have more power and performance than electric tillers. But you have to add gas and oil for them to work.

This means they produce more emissions. They are also a little noisier. In addition, they can require more maintenance and tend to cost more.

Type Of Soil

Before buying a rototiller, think about the soil type in your garden. If the soil is soft and there aren't any big roots or rocks, you can buy an electric garden tiller. They are cheaper, and you don't need the other types' extra power.

If your soil is hard and compacted, you'll find it a lot easier with a more powerful rotary tiller.


Mini tillers that are built to last usually have a good warranty. That way, if something goes wrong, you will be able to get it fixed or replaced.

The average warranty for mini garden tillers is 2-3 years. Some companies offer a 5-year warranty on their mini garden tillers.

The Best Mini Tiller On The Market

It is critical to have healthy soil to be successful in gardening. Your plant's roots grow and get their sustenance in the dirt. During a rainstorm, you want your soil to soak up the rainwater so that it may be distributed to your plants' root systems. To make sure you have good soil, you'll need to dig down below.

It is not easy to find the best mini tiller for your yard. A small tiller will not have the same quality as a large one. However, you can use a small tiller to get the job done well.

With some careful thought, finding the best mini tiller isn't hard.

1. Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller Joe 14-Inch 6.5 Amp Mini Electric Tiller/Cultivator

This Sun Joe model is different from the first one mentioned above. It uses a less powerful engine that runs 6.5-Amp instead of 12-Amp. Instead of the six blades seen on the TJ603E, four steel tines with a 14-inch breadth and a 7-inch depth pierce the dirt.

This model is corded, so you'll never have to worry about running out of energy while you're working outside.

This model of Sun Joe's is weaker than the other one. The other one was stronger and good for more powerful surges and uses. It might be worth looking into if you work as a tiller and gardener.

For at-home use, the TJ600E is a superior choice. Because of its mild performance, this is the perfect alternative for you if you don't plan on using your tiller every other day. It still delivers a punch when you need it, but it won't take over your yard. It is gentle enough to only till the garden area lightly, perfect for a flower bed or weeding.

This model is like the TJ603E. It has an easy start-up button and dual-functionality as a cultivator and tiller. With ergonomic handles and an easy start-up, your work will be done quickly and comfortably with minimal to no problems. This tiller is also quiet compared to other models, which is great for people living in tight suburbs.

If you use this tiller a lot, the motor might overheat. The safety switch on this model can sometimes come faulty. This means that the machine may turn on, but it may not turn off again. This can be very dangerous if you lose your balance and grip on the tiller or if there are children and animals nearby.


Gentle performing tiller/cultivator

Ergonomic handles and easy start-up

Quiet performance


Motor can overheat

A safety switch can malfunction

mini tiller2-min

2. Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 4-Cycle Small Tiller Cultivator 7940

This tiller has a finger-controlled throttle to help you adjust and control the speed. Even though it is powerful, it can also fit into smaller spaces only 9 inches wide.

Mantis has unique blades that curve. This helps them dig deeper into the ground with each rotation. They can go as deep as 10 inches. If you don't want this power, you can switch the tines to shallow.

This option means the blades will sink into the soil 2-3 inches. This is good if you prepare land for plants or work on the soil.

This tiller has a kickstand that will help you keep it in place when you need to take a break or refill the gas tank.

Gas-powered machines are usually more powerful than battery-powered or corded electric tillers. Some people might feel a strong kick from the engine when they first use it.

It is easy to work with this machine once it is put together. The problem is that putting it together can be tricky. This can lead to engines and gas tanks that are not balanced, kickstands that do not work, and a handle that is not stable. Many things can go wrong during assembly, and the more complicated the process, the more likely you are to make a mistake.


Strong powered gas engine tank

Unique curved cut blades dig deeper into the soil

Kickstand is provided


Assembly is confusing

3. Schiller Grounds Care 7920 Mantis 2-Cycle Mini Tiller Cultivator

This gas-powered tiller is small and lightweight. It's simple to transport and store. The tiller folds up neatly without the use of any tools. It also has a commercial quality that can work in tough dirt. Thanks to the gas-powered engine, this tiller is stronger than most others, with a consistent power source.

The tines can dig down 10 inches into the dirt. The tilling measures 9 inches wide. The fuel consists of a mixture of gas and oil. Customers can expect a 5-year limited warranty and a lifetime tine guarantee from Mantis.

This tiller can break through hard soil and clay to create the perfect powdered soil for your plants. Mantis is a well-known brand for gas-powered tillers that have the highest quality.

This tiller is compact, so you can move it around quickly in tight spaces. For a comfortable grip, the handles are plush and padded. Mantis can simply travel through your garden, no matter how big or tiny it is.

The company knows about this problem, written in the user's manual. This model's "kill button" isn't functional. Therefore you won't be able to fast turn it off. If you try to, you might flood the fuel and create a new problem. This also makes turning the machine off dangerous since you have to be close to it when it's still on.


Compact and easy to transport

Soft padded handles

Handles harder clay and soil


The kill button does not respond

4. Mantis 3-Speed Electric Cultivator

Suppose you're looking for a powerful mini tiller for a small yard. In that case, the Mantis electric tiller/cultivator is a good choice. It's light and easy to move about, making it ideal for any home garden.

The compact design and balanced motor on the top of the tiller mean that you can get in tight spaces without damaging small ornamental plants.

The reversible tines can be used to till down 10 inches deep or shallowly cultivate the top 2 to 3 inches of soil. The handle can be folded up and stored in a small location.

You can choose three different speed settings to allow the serpentine tines to spin up to 240 RPM. This will help break through tough soils. This is an electric corded tiller, which means you have to keep it plugged into the power source to keep it operational. You will also need an extension cord, depending on the size of your yard. But you don't have to worry about harmful exhausts, like gas-powered tillers.


Powerful electric motor

Lightweight and portable

Lightweight and portable

Foldable handle

Serpentine tine


Will struggle with hard soil


5. Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller

The Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller is a small, compact tiller that is easy to maneuver and has excellent balance. It also has one of the lowest centers of gravity possible, which makes it easy to till the ground properly. Despite its small size, this tiller has the power and performance of a full-size model, making it quick and easy to use.

The compact design of this lawnmower means it can fit into tight corners and between rows in your garden. This is ideal for those with tiny gardens and irregularly shaped borders.

The Earthquake 20015 is powered by a high-quality 99cc Viper Engine. This engine is extremely efficient and reliable. It is a 4-cycle engine that was originally manufactured by Chrysler. This engine produces more torque and produces less noise than 2-cycle engines. It also delivers the right amount of power to till all types of soil.

The engine has a durable cast aluminum gear-driven transmission. This means that you can get your work done quickly and without problems. As you may know, viper engines are very durable. Your tiller will last for years without needing to be overhauled or replaced.

One downside of gas-powered engines is the starting process. This engine starts quickly and smoothly, thanks to the recoil pull.

You don't have to worry if you need a cultivator for your garden. The Earthquake 20015 Versa Front Tine Tiller has a tool-less removal feature, quickly turning it into a reliable cultivator.


Excellent mobility and simplicity of operation

With smooth-pull recoil for effortless igniting, it's quiet and convenient.

With smooth-pull recoil for effortless igniting, it's quiet and convenient.

For superior stability, lower the center of gravity.

Handles that may be adjusted, allowing for use by various people.

The powerful engine rapidly and effortlessly tills and cultivates various types of soil.


It May is not suitable for virgin ground with lots of sod and compact soil

It is not cool that you must remove part of the handle to remove the shields

For taller persons, it would be ideal if the handles were a little longer.

mini tiller1-min

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Tiller Reviews