Garage Door Opener Horsepower: What You Need to Know

There are many types of garage door openers on the market. When buying a new one, there are many different things to consider. Such as the brand of the opener, the drive type you need, and what accessories come with it.

When selecting a garage door opener, there are numerous factors to consider. The most important thing is choosing one with the correct horsepower for your door. It's pointless to buy an expensive or on-sale opener if it doesn't fit your door. Garage doors are not all the same, so make sure to pick an opener perfect for your specific situation.

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Why Garage Door Horsepower Is Important

The opener is not intended to lift the garage door but rather to set it in motion. It is usually when the horsepower is most important. A larger door with many windows, for example, although properly balanced, can require more HP on startup.

It is because there is more weight to get moving. Once the door is in motion, the opener should require little to no effort. It is moving the door up or down. So a double-wide insulated garage door with windows will take more HP than a single-door non-insulated door with no windows.

General Guidelines

⅓ Horsepower Door Opener

If you have a smaller door made of light material, you should use a one-third hp opener. An 8X7 non-insulated entry is an example of this style of door. This sort of door has very little to no offset weight.

½ Horsepower Door Opener

This HP can run about 90% of garage doors. It has adequate power to operate single or double-wide garage doors without overheating. But never use a higher HP to compensate for a poorly running door.

¾ Horsepower Door Opener

If you use your door a lot and it is very heavy, a ¾ HP opener might be a good option for you. They have more power to open the door, which can be helpful if it is large or made of heavy materials.

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The horsepower an opener needs depends on how much the door weighs. A heavy door will need more force to open and close. Most garage doors only require a half HP opener. It will help the door open and close smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Opener Horsepower

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