The Best Sprinkler for a Rectangular Lawn

When watering your lawn, it’s critical to use the appropriate sprinkler. Watering rectangular shaped lawns equally can be challenging, which is why selecting the appropriate sprinkler is critical. This blog post will examine the various types of sprinklers available. It will assist you in determining which one is the best fit for your specific needs.

The RainTrain is a good traveling sprinkler for rectangular lawns. You should not judge it by its looks, but by its performance. I know this because people often leave good products because of their unattractive looks. To be completely honest, this product does resemble a toy due to its unpleasant colors.

This sprinkler is extremely durable due to its cast iron construction. Due to its cast-iron design, this sprinkler is exceptionally durable. It is strong enough to endure a few punches without snapping. Additionally, the sprinkler features two spinning arms. This results in a spraying area that is approximately 55 feet wide. The arms are adjustable, allowing them to reach difficult-to-reach regions.

This Nelson lawn sprinkler can cover up to 13500 sq. ft. of your garden, as well as a distance of 200 ft. The sprinkler can travel even further if you add on a longer hose. It also has three speed options: fast, slow, and self-propelled. Another great feature is the automatic shutoff system: it shuts off automatically. Once it has traveled the entire length of the hose, rather than remaining still and wasting water.




Covers a large area

Auto shutoff system


Unattractive look

Gets trapped in mud

2. Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler

The Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler is the least expensive sprinkler on the market. It is constructed of robust metal, ensuring a long-lasting purchase. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your sprinkler’s stability or how it will handle adverse weather conditions. Its tough build itself is very reliable.

This lawn sprinkler is different from other lawn sprinklers because it does not have wheels. The spray pattern is rectangular and covers up to 450 sq. ft. It is good for small rectangular lawn only. If you have a vast rectangular lawn, a different lawn sprinkler may be required.

This sprinkler does not need a lot of water pressure to work well. You can use low water pressure, or even more if you want. But if you have any problems with it, contact Gilmour. They have a three-year warranty for this product.


Super affordable


Works well on low water pressure



Limited coverage

3. Orbit Travelling Sprinkler

This traveling sprinkler by Orbit is a lot like the Nelson sprinkler I mentioned before. They have the same shape and build material, but they are different colors. Nelson gave us an ugly yellow color, while Orbit chose a good green color that matches the garden’s look.

The Orbit 58322 sprinkler is a little bit heavier than Nelson’s RainTrain. But this is okay because it still falls in a good weight category. Plus, the added weight makes it more stable.

You can choose how fast the sprinkler sprays water by choosing low, medium, or high. You can also fine control how far the sprinkler goes by setting it to go 37 feet in one hour or less. That way, the sprinkler distributes water evenly on your lawn. The sprinkler also has a max area of 13500 square feet that you can cover, with the diameter being set between 15-55 feet.

Orbit’s new automatic shutoff system ensures the water spray does not go further than it is supposed to. This is very convenient as you do not constantly check on it yourself. Another great thing about this sprinkler is that it moves smoothly over wet surfaces, making it perfect for newly seeded gardens. However, you’ll need to be careful with the hose as it can disturb the new lawn garden surface.


Better stability

Good for newly seeded surfaces

Automatic shutoff system

Wider coverage


Prone to rusting

4. Watex WX044 Traveling Sprinkler

This model from Watex is the priciest on my list. It is approximately $70 in price. Skip this item from the must-have list to avoid spending this much money on your garden. However, it is the ideal sprinkler model for a lawn tractor. It is durable and robust, which distinguishes it from other tractors. It is finished in a light gold hue, which gives it a more classic appearance than the green and yellow hues.

The sprinkler’s revolving arms can be adjusted to cover an area between 15 and 45 feet. Although it is not as good as Orbit or Nelson’s models, it is still superior to many other sprinklers in its category. Because the spraying diameter is reduced, the total coverage is also reduced. This puts Watex behind the line with 11900 sq. ft., but it can reach 200 ft. If you have a vast lawn, you may need to turn the sprinkler multiple times.

This sprinkler has an auto-shutoff ramp that turns off the spray once the sprinkler has traveled the required distance. This prevents your lawn from becoming muddy. Additionally, the sprinkler performs well with water pressures ranging from 20 to 120 PSI. If it goes any further than that, it may fail to accomplish what you want. Utilize a hose attachment with a diameter of approximately 5/8 inch for optimal performance. You can also use a 12-inch hose. However, the small diameter will create stability concerns.


Auto-shutoff system

Works fine at a low water pressure

Easy to assemble

Lasting build


It cannot be used over wet lawn patches


What to Look for in a Rectangular Lawn Sprinkler

You probably have a good idea of the features you need in a sprinkler. To get more specific ideas, read the guide below.

Lawn Size

Make sure to have the right size lawn. You will need it to match the coverage of your sprinkler. Don’t buy a large sprinkler with wider coverage if you have a small lawn. Instead, get a smaller sprinkler that is meant for small lawns. A large sprinkler is best for large lawns as big as an half acre. That way, you can ensure that your sprinkler is watering the grass and not your guests or the sidewalk.

Hose Length

When buying a hose for your rectangular lawn, make sure to get one that is long enough to cover the entire area. You also don’t want to place it on walkways or in areas where people might step on it, as this can damage the hose. For sprinkler tractors, I recommend using a 5/8 inch hose.


Brand names are very important. Brands like Nelson, Orbit, and others have good market and customer reviews. You should put these brands at the top of your list because they are trustworthy. However, I would not suggest you invest right away; you should do proper research first. But I recommend checking the reliable brands first and then turning to others.


When you buy something, it’s a good idea to get a warranty for it. This way, if something goes wrong with the product, you can get it fixed or replaced without paying for it yourself. Numerous businesses offer guarantees on their items, ensuring that you’re receiving a decent value.

Ideal Lawn Sprinklers for a Healthy Sward

1. Spear & Jackson Bwf22 Oscillating Sprinkler

Best oscillating sprinkler for wide coverage


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Coverage: 170 Sq.M
  • Nozzles: 18

Reasons To Buy

  • Enormous coverage
  • Great for low-pressure areas
  • 18 brass nozzles
  • Pressure dial

Reasons To Avoid

  • Nozzles can clog over time

No other oscillating sprinkler I've seen has a greater range. If you have a large garden (at least 150 square meters), this is the model for you, and you don't want to constantly move the sprinkler.

This oscillating sprinkler is made entirely of metal and features 18 brass nozzles. A brass hose connector astonished us with its remarkably wide coverage even at low pressure. When I fired this thing up for the first time, I had to run inside rather than just stand on the edge because the spray pattern is so wide and high. Although I could have simply shut off the tap before inserting the one-way Gardena connector, I prefer to take unnecessary risks wherever possible. Consequently, I would not recommend the S&J for small urban gardens because it would also water its neighbors' lawns.

It doesn't have any fancy bells and whistles other than an adjustable water flow angle and a modest pressure adjustment that controls its reach. Even though a few months down the road, you'll have to clean each nozzle with a pin because of calcium accumulation, it's so quiet that you may not even notice it's on. However, suppose you're looking for a professional-spec oscillating sprinkler that can cover a large area quickly and impeccably. In that case, this is the one to choose.

2. Gardena Comfort Pulse Sprinkler

Best pulse sprinkler for long-range watering


  • Type: Pulse
  • Coverage: 490 Sq.M
  • Nozzles: 1

Reasons To Buy

  • Great for large gardens
  • Creates the sound of summer

Reasons To Avoid

  • Delicate construction

Our favorite thing about pulse or impact sprinklers is that they perfectly capture the sound of summer and the countryside, making them ideal for big lawns up to 490 square feet. Because who doesn't enjoy the calming sound of a farm or stately home irrigation system as they stroll across the countryside on a hot summer night? If you embed this model in your lawn, you'll always have a sense of being in the country when you're inside.

There is no denying that pulse sprinklers appear to have been made by someone who's found metal and plastic pieces and assembled them in a garage. Moreover, they're delicate and don't want to be trodden on, making them vulnerable. However, they're among the greatest solutions for long-distance irrigation.

Plastic is used to manufacture the Gardena Comfort Pulse, which features an anti-poison spike and a high-precision nozzle. That sprays in two different spray patterns to not damage the surface beneath it. An initial long-range jet is created for the outer edges. As it circles back around, it flattens out and lowers itself dramatically, effectively drenching the interior of the circular path.

For fine-tuning its sector from 25 degrees to 360 degrees, a swivel adjuster is included in the Gardena's huge side knob. The Gardena's range is 10 to 25 meters. Squirts can also be linked together for a full orchestra because of the through-connector.

3. Karcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler Os 5.320sv

Best oscillating lawn sprinkler for versatility


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Coverage: 320 Sq. M
  • Nozzles: 20

Reasons To Buy

  • Impressive design
  • Exceptional versatility

Reasons To Avoid

  • Requires decent water pressure

In contrast to the typical oscillator, this one has all the bells and whistles. It has twenty jets on board, for starters, which implies excellent coverage on every side. You can reduce the coverage area by disabling part of the nozzles on either side if you choose.

The Kärcher Oscillating Sprinkler has a water pressure adjustment knob if you don't have access to a tap. The plastic SplashGuard under the unit, which rotates to protect the jets closest to your face while you make more adjustments, is also a tiny stroke of genius.

To be fair, the Kärcher's throw is about 4 meters short of what the Spear & Jackson can deliver. When all nozzles are open, the water pressure is typical for London. However, by closing only a few jets on either side, the Kärcher's throw climbs to around 8 meters, albeit in a smaller formation. Since the average London lawn is long and narrow, this setup is great for covering it all in one fell swoop. And that means you can just let it do its thing while you do other things, like eat your heart out.

4. Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler

The best mid-priced oscillating sprinkler


  • Type: Rotating
  • Coverage: 180 Sq.M
  • Nozzles: 15

Reasons To Buy

  • Sturdy design
  • Even coverage

Reasons To Avoid

  • Expect to get wet when setting up

This side-to-side sprinkler is ideal for small gardens that require consistent watering. It's undeniably the most popular and most reliable sprinkler on the market. There are no changes to the 15 water jets on the Kärcher; however, you may modify the reach on both sides. Ethan Hunt-style tinkering between oscillations is the way to go if you're going to make any tweaks to your range on the go.

Even if your lawn is as hilly as the South Downs, the Hozelock's sled-style design keeps it firmly in place, so consider it if your grass is rectangular in shape.

5. Cost-wise, Lawn Bar Sprinkler

Best budget oscillating bar sprinkler


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Coverage: 312 m/sq
  • Nozzles: 16

Reasons To Buy

  • Super cheap
  • Easy to operate

Reasons To Avoid

  • Plastic-heavy build

Simple and uncomplicated, this oscillating garden sprinkler is the definition of the term. So inexpensive that you could buy numerous units for the price of some other cheaper rival models, and you just plug it in, and it's ready to run.

This sprinkler's motion is driven by the water flowing through it. Its coverage is directly correlated to the pressure of the water flowing through it. Simply open or close your tap to increase or decrease the nozzle spray dispersion and the distance traveled. The spray can be angled and directed to water only a certain area of your garden, such as a flowerbed if desired.

The construction quality is average, and it is undeniable that this device is mostly plastic. As a result, don't expect it to endure for decades, but at this price, we're not sure that's a big deal.

6. Gardena Aquazoom M

Adjustable sprinkler with bigger waterdrops for smaller lawns


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Coverage: 250 Sq. M
  • Nozzles: 16

Reasons To Buy

  • Adjustable nozzles
  • Produces larger drops of water

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not very good lateral range

The Gardena model can be customized to have a wide or narrow reach based on the size and shape of the garden, similar to the outstanding Kärcher model previously detailed. When compared to a Kärcher system with 20 nozzles, Gardena's system uses two banks permanently on nozzles that can be adjusted. Hence, one bank of jets makes a straight line. In contrast, the other bank watered the remainder of the lawn and a flowerbed on one side.

If you have a Gardena, you won't be able to get as far as a Spear & Jackson or a Kärcher that has two of its jet banks disabled. In contrast to raindrops, this sprinkler produces more water every squirty oscillation because of the higher flow from each jet.

Suppose you live in London or anywhere with low water pressure like that. In that case, you may want to pass on this model and go for the Spear & Jackson instead, which has a far wider operating range even in areas with low water pressure. Alternatively, if your grass is small and irregularly shaped and you want to water your lawn and beds more frequently, this is the sprinkler for you.

7. Enjsd Garden Lawn Sprinkler

A 360-degree rotating garden lawn sprinkler


  • Type: Rotating
  • Coverage: Varies
  • Nozzles: 12

Reasons To Buy

  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Good for jumping through to cool off
  • Very affordable

Reasons To Avoid

  • It can't direct its nozzles

If a revolving sprinkler is more your style, this low-cost option is well worth checking out. It's easy to blend into your landscape while you're using it because of its affordable price and simple design.

A total of 12 water jet nozzles are located on the unit's rotating arms, which have three arms in total. The nozzles' reach varies from 2 to 10 meters depending on the water pressure applied, so we're not talking about a widespread here, but rather a short reach.

You may choose between a faster rotation for lawns and a slower option that fires water higher but in a narrower spread, which is ideal for watering the borders of your garden.

8. Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro

Best garden sprinkler for unusually low or high water pressure areas


  • Type: Rotating
  • Coverage: 300 Sq.M
  • Nozzles: 5

Reasons To Buy

  • Large area coverage
  • Secure fit

Reasons To Avoid

  • Sometimes the hosepipe comes loose

The Round Sprinkler Pro from Hozelock is another standout on our list. Consumers report that it performs admirably regardless of water pressure. You can get the identical model with a spiked base for those who prefer a sled base instead of the spiked base.

This sprinkler's red setting ring can be adjusted to provide a wide arc or a full circle of coverage (up to a diameter of 20 meters). In addition, it is claimed to be a great tool for covering large sections of the garden with a steady stream of water and focusing on specific regions with a more concentrated flow. Smaller lawns will benefit greatly from this type of grass.

9. Gardena Turbo-driven Pop-up Sprinkler T 100

Best pop-up lawn sprinkler


  • Type: Oscillating
  • Coverage: 100 Sq.M
  • Nozzles: 16

Reasons To Buy

  • Pops up out of the ground
  • Good coverage

Reasons To Avoid

  • A right pain to install

This built-in sprinkler is the perfect solution for those who don't want their grass to be overrun with best sprinklers. To install this lawn sprinkler, a 10-inch hole and a trench for the hose must be dug in the ground.

You may modify the spray width, range, and direction by playing with the unit's many knobs and wheels on the Popup. You can modify the spray to opposite directions. It is particularly effective on rectangle-shaped lawns. Once activated by a water source, it will rise to a convenient working height for your convenience. It returns to its housing at the end of the process.

Please be aware that some users may not have enough water pressure to fully utilize the Popup. Which is the most visually appealing model on this website, nevertheless. We recommend testing the general reach of your sprinkler with a regular sprinkler first, rather than digging up half your garden to find out that it doesn't work. It's also recommended that you hire a landscaper to install the system because the instructions are abysmal.

How To Buy The Best Garden Sprinkler For You

If you have a large garden, hand-watering your lawn might take up a significant amount of your time. A lawn sprinkler comes in this situation.

Depending on the shape and size of your garden and whether or not any specific regions need to be watered, you can pick from various best sprinklers. A fixed sprinkler will only water a specific area, but it can often get to even the most difficult-to-reach spots in the yard.

Rotating and oscillating sprinklers are better for flowerbeds since they distribute water uniformly around your yard. On the other hand, Impact sprinklers use two high-pressure jets to water the lawn in a round circular pattern, making them ideal for large gardens. The tsk-tsk-tsk sound they make will help you to identify them as such.

When watering your lawn, use an automatic sprinkler timer and a sprinkler with multiple sprinkler nozzles and flow settings to better target certain portions of the lawn that need extra care.

Lawn Sprinkler Buying Guide: What to Look for

Sprinklers for the lawn are simple tools for the garden. These nozzles use water pressure from the hose to spray water in various patterns. They can be built from various materials and include or exclude moving parts. When purchasing a sprinkler, a lawn or garden's individual watering requirements are the most important factors to consider.


There are six basic lawn sprinklers, ranging from stationary sprinkler to mobile. When selecting a sprinkler, consider the weather in your area and whether water conservation is a priority. A newly seeded lawn's wagering requirements differ from a vegetable garden or an existing grass.

  • Fixed or stationary sprinklers differ in shape and reach but are connected to a garden hose to spray water in the same pattern. Over the same area until they are manually repositioned. With a range of between 5 and 15 feet, this sprinkler style is best suited for tiny yards and compact gardens.
  • Oscillating sprinkler's water is dispersed in a semicircular pattern through a row of numerous apertures. If you have a lot of lands to cover, rotating sprinklers head is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Rotating or rotary and impact sprinklers release water while rotating 360 degrees. In contrast, the latter (an impulse or pulsing sprinkler) ejects water from a single jet, clicking as it completes its full cycle. In contrast, the former has two or more arms that spin. This is why impact sprinklers have the widest water coverage.
  • Sprinkler hoses have microscopic openings on the top that spray fine, regulated mists of water. Thanks to their spray length and flexibility, they are ideal for watering long, narrow, and even irregularly curved sections of grass.
  • Traveling sprinklers In a pre-programmed pattern, roll through the yard with a garden hose attached. While watering lawns, they look like miniature lawnmowers and are nicknamed "lawn tractors."
  • In-ground sprinkler systems operate your yard on a predetermined watering schedule to remove any uncertainty. There is still much work to do to have the correct watering strategy and the pipes in place. Strategically placed sprinkler heads can be programmed to emerge from the ground to water your lawn at predetermined times. Using a smart smartphone, users may configure sprinkler system settings on many of today's controllers. For an in ground system, the number of zones and available water pressure is critical considerations when selecting a pump for the system.


There are a few models of lawn sprinklers that use rubber and silicone and plastic and metal. The quality of the materials varies; certain plastics are hefty, fade-resistant, and lasting, while others are not. More affordable types may be thin, fade rapidly, and break easily after only one or two seasons of use.

Generally speaking, metal sprinklers are more long-lasting than plastic ones; however, the grade of the metal might vary greatly. Because of their resistance to corrosion, chrome and stainless steel are excellent metals for sprinklers. In general, those with ball-bearing couplings will be the most durable.

Coverage Area

The pattern and distance of the water spray can often be adjusted by adjusting a lever on the sprinkler's top or side, which is common in today's lawn sprinklers. There are various watering patterns, including fan-shaped watering and circular watering.

The greatest water pattern distance is ultimately determined by the hose's water pressure. An impact sprinkler that claims to spray a stream 30 yards in the air may not cover that distance due to low water pressure in the hose. Water pressure in most homes ranges from 30 to 60 pounds per square inch (psi), and most sprinklers perform best when the water pressure is at least 30 psi. To get the advertised covering area, some require greater pressures.

Water Conservation

Watering the lawn consumes a good deal of water. Suppose the hose is ½ inch in diameter and the water pressure is 60 psi. In that case, the average user will be around 630 gallons during an hour of watering. As the garden-hose diameter increases, so does water usage. A ⅝-inch hose delivers approximately 1,020 gallons at the same water pressure, and a ¾-inch hose will deliver 1,860 gallons.

Some lawn sprinklers come equipped with features to help control water usage. On an in-ground sprinkler system, automatic timers allow users to schedule exact watering plans (when, where, and how much water) in advance. For aboveground sprinklers, comparable features to look for include auto-shutoffs and flow timers that monitor and limit the amount of water used.


You can have a lush green garden, no matter what the shape of your garden is. You just need to do some research first. Once you have all the information, it will be easy to find the best sprinkler for your needs. If you have a large lawn and can afford up to $60, then the Nelson RainTrain Traveling Sprinkler might be a good option for you. But suppose you have a small lawn and a limited budget. In that case, the Gilmour Rectangular Sprinkler is probably the best option for you.

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