Best Potting Soil for Lavender: Everything You Need to Know

When you are getting a new plant or repotting an old one, it is essential to find out what soil is best for that plant. Not all plants can survive in the same type of soil! For example, what is the best potting soil for lavender? You can consider a few factors when choosing the best soil to utilize.

best potting soil for lavender

The Best Type of Potting Soil For Lavender

What type of potting soil should you use for lavender? You want to find one that drains well because lavender doesn't like sitting in water. So even finding one with sand mixed in will work well for your plant.

Lavender likes a more neutral pH and not acidic soil. It doesn't like acidic soil. Try to find neutral or alkaline soil or supplements to make the soil more neutral.

So what's the best potting soil for lavender?

1. Commercial Potting Soil

You may get potting soil from the garden center or the home improvement store in your area. This kind of soil is typically included in the plant kits. Peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite have been combined to create this substance. This soil is okay for most plants, but lavender plants need particular nutrients to grow and thrive.


This type of potting soil is typically light in color and suitable for holding moisture. It is a good thing for lavender plants. It also has a neutral pH, which is ideal for most plants. However, it is not suitable for lavender plants.


One issue with this potting soil is that it does not have enough nutrients. It means that lavender plants will not thrive in this kind of soil.

2. Organic Potting Soil

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You can find organic potting soil at your local garden center or online. This type of soil is made from compost and perlite, which makes it rich in nutrients. It is perfect for lavender plants.


Organic potting soil is an excellent choice for growing lavender plants. It contains nutrients the lavender plants need and smells like the outdoors. It is usually high in organic matter, which helps to hold water.


This type of potting soil is heavy and difficult to work with. It might also be too acidic for lavenders, which are hearty plants. Additionally, this soil type is not always sterile and may contain harmful bacteria.

3. DIY soil

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You can also make your soil for your lavender plants. If you compost, it will be the perfect soil for your plants. Mix compost soil with perlite to create the ideal potting soil. Some people add vermiculite and perlite to their potting soil to ensure the plants have good drainage.

To make your potting soil, mix parts of perlite and vermiculite with compost rich in nutrients. If your potting soil doesn't have enough nutrients, you can add peat moss or shredded pine bark.


You will know what is in it if you grow your potting soil using compost, perlite, and vermiculite. It means you can adjust the soil to be perfect for lavender plants. It also makes the potting soil light and easy to work with.


Some of its components aren't particularly long-lasting.

The brush guard is not firmly attached and frequently turns or falls off.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, each type of potting soil has its advantages and disadvantages. The best potting soil for lavender plants will depend on what you are looking for in a potting blend. Organic potting soil will be the best choice if you want to grow lavender plants with unique scents and tastes. It is also essential to check if the potting soil contains any nutrients. If you are looking for more environmentally friendly soil, go with the type that has homemade compost, vermiculite, and perlite.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Potting Soil for Lavender

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