The Best Keypad Door Lock: How to Keep Your Home Safe

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You have a sophisticated security system and the latest home automation technology. However, you're still using a key to get into your house. That's pretty old-fashioned, wouldn't you say? With just one more upgrade in the form of a keypad lock, you could beef up your home security and have a more convenient way of entering all at once. This article examines the top keypad door locks currently available for purchase.

Keypad locks are a newer way to open your door. You don't need a key to open the door. You type in a code on the Keypad. It can be helpful because you can give people their codes and revoke them if necessary.

We found six keypad door locks to help secure your property. We've also written in-depth reviews of each one. At the end of this guide, You will discover what makes a keypad lock worthwhile.

1. Kaba Eplex 2000

No matter how big or small your business is, it is vulnerable to intrusion if there is a lot of traffic. If you need a lock that can handle a lot of traffic and tell you who came in and out, then Kaba's Eplex 2000 is the best choice.

This keypad lock is neat because it doesn't need any power from the building or batteries. It just needs the motion of the handle to work. The lock is extensive and suitable for an office setting. You can even install one to discourage intruders from breaking into your home.

The Keypad can store up to 100 different passcodes. The length of each code can be 4 to 8 digits long. You can also assign an authority level to each code. There are five levels of authority, from single-use access to the administrative level. The Keypad will show which key was used and the authority level for that code.

The Eplex 2000 has a key-in-lock cylinder that can be set to provide access for a limited time or until it's switched back. You can even configure it to lock someone out after three to nine unsuccessful attempts. The auto-lock feature is usually found in locks, but with this lock, you can choose how long it will take for the auto-lock to engage after someone fails to put in the correct key code.

The Eplex2000 is a very sturdy lock. The only item to keep an eye on is the handle, which can wear down over time. But it's easy to replace and doesn't affect the lock's security.



Great for high-traffic areas

Authority levels

Timer and lockout functions

Variable auto-lock

It doesn't require external power


The handle can wear out and become loose.

2.Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt

Hacking is possible on door locks that can be opened with a key. But there is a better way! Schlage, a world-renowned door lock manufacturer, has a numeric lock that does not need keys. It gives you peace of mind because this lock can't be broken.

Keys are a security risk. If you lose them, you might not be able to get into your house. Schlage's lock is different. You only need to remember one of nineteen 4-digit codes that the safety can store. Because it is inscribed on a substantial numeric touch keyboard illuminated from behind, the code is simple to memorize. This Keypad is also resistant to scratches. So you don't have to worry about someone picking the lock or bumping it open.

Installing the lock should be easy, even for beginners. You don't need to drill any holes. You only need a stable door and a wrench. Even on entrances with thinner screen doors, it can be installed. The lock has a compact appearance and is offered in seven different colors. If you don't like the Camelot shape, Century is available too.

9-volt battery powers the Schlage lock. It will work for at least a year. You will get warning messages when the battery is low so that you can replace it in time. If you are on vacation and do not want people to have access to your home, turn on vacation mode. It will keep the door locked, but the master passkey will be able to open it temporarily.

The touchpad can sometimes not register a keypress or respond after a few seconds. Keyless door locks are excellent for security, but if the battery dies, you will need the assistance of a locksmith to regain access.



No keys required

Big bright touchscreen

Beautiful finish

Vacation mode


Laggy touchpad

Useless if the battery dies

3. Ultraloq UL3

There are numerous types of locks available for use in securing your doors. A keypad lock with a fingerprint scanner is a good choice because it is very secure and affordable. The UL3 safety is an excellent example of this type of lock. It was created through a successful Kickstarter campaign and is perfect for homes and businesses.

The UL3 is special because it has many ways to open it. The most common way is by using a key. You can also use the touchpad. The keys are big and easy to touch, and they will light up. You can put in a security code, or you can put in up to 16 digits to confuse people. As long as the code is valid, the door will open.

You can unlock the door to your home by scanning your fingerprint with the UL3. It will recognize up to 95 different fingerprints, and you can also store passcodes. The lock can tell the difference between admin-level and regular users, with admin-level users able to add or remove passkeys or fingerprints.

The UL3 can still be operated even when the batteries are dead. You will need 3 AA batteries, and a light will turn on to show when they are low. If the batteries die, the lock can still be opened up to 1000 times before it stops responding.

The UL3 is advertised as weatherproof but may stop working if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time. Since well, the fingerprint sensor may use some adjustment, as we frequently have to try twice to access the door with it. Don't even consider attempting if your hands are damp or greasy.



Three ways of getting in

Hidden keyhole

Anti-peep mode

Quick fingerprint scanner


It can't be left in direct sunlight

Occasional fingerprint reader hiccups

4. Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

Kwikset's SmartCode deadbolt is a keypad door lock that is affordable and easy to use. It is also very secure and has a lifetime warranty. It is a good choice for anyone who wants a smarter, more secure home.

Kwikset has made a stylish deadbolt lock available in four different colors. The colors are hand-rubbed bronze, nickel, Venetian bronze, and polished brass. You can also match it with Quickset knobs or door handles for maximum aesthetic effect. The installation of the lock only requires a screwdriver and 4 AA batteries.

There are only six keys, five of which are numbers. While this may appear to be a minimalist design, it is pretty clever since it makes it more difficult for a potential observer to determine your combination. The sixth button activates the deadbolt when pressed. A gentle green backlight illuminates the keys at night, making them easier to press.

The inside part of the lock has some extra features. With three switches, you can choose accessible passage mode, turn the backlight off or on, and turn off the sound that plays when the door is unlocked, or keys are being pressed. There is one primary 4 – 8-digit passcode and another temporary one you can give to friends and neighbors. Both of these codes can be changed whenever you like.

The design of this lock is not perfect because it has some flaws. One of the main flaws is that the gears are made out of plastic and will wear out over time. Another weakness is that there is a 30-second delay before the auto-lock kicks in, which could give someone the chance to enter your home without you knowing.



Easy to install and use

6-key keypad


Four nice-looking finishes

Generous warranty


Unattractive look

Gets trapped in mud

Keypad Door Lock2

5. Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

The BE365VCAM619 is an excellent lock because it is reliable and looks good. Schlage is a well-known security company, and this Camelot lock proves you can have a beautiful and secure door. If aesthetics are almost as important as security, this is the lock for you.

The BE365VCAM619 is a more curved numeric lock that better suits the modern home. There are six different finish options to choose from, so you can get a lock that matches the other fixtures in your home. The finish is resistant to the elements and wears & tear so that it can secure your shed or front gate too.

Even though the BE365VCAM619 is a good security lock, its appearance is not the most important thing. It is easy to install on a standard door, and you do not need to worry about wires. The Keypad is clear and easy to see, and the keys have not worn out after a long time. They are slanted so you can type in the code without bending down and are illuminated by blue light at night.

The BE365VCAM619 has up to 19 passcodes that you can use. One of them is the master code. You can also create new regulations and delete old ones. The main issue with this security camera is that it doesn't have an auto-lock. If someone breaks another way, they can get out through your front door. Another problem is that kids and pets can open the door and escape onto the street. We hope future versions of this security camera will add auto-lock.



Looks great

Six different finishes

Clear and illuminated Keypad

Easy to install


It doesn't lock from the inside

No auto-lock

6.SoHoMiLL YL 99

If you don't want to pay a lot for a secure door lock, you must know that firms like SoHoMiLL make both practical and economical locks to keep trespassers out. Do not mistake the lock's appearance for lack of effectiveness. The YL 99 is just as effective as other high-priced door locks at preventing unauthorized access to your home.

The YL99 lock doesn't have a separate keypad. The Keypad is built into the knob, slightly bigger than usual. But don't worry. It still fits on standard-sized doors and is easy to install.

The Keypad feels good to the touch. The numbers are painted inside so that they don't wear down. Intense blue lights them up with LED lights so you can see them at night. Four AAA batteries keep the Keypad working well. If the batteries die, you can restart it with a jumper box.

You can program up to 8 user keys and one master key simultaneously. You can set the lock to fake PIN mode if you want more security. It means that you can enter nonsensical codes along with the right one. The auto lock is also present and is activated after just 3 seconds.

The SoHoMiLL lock is weatherproof, but its beautiful stainless steel finish will be ruined if it rains. The keys are more prominent than most other keypads, but they are not angled, so you must bend down to see the numbers if you can't feel your way to opening them.





Fake PIN mode

Easy installation


Outdoor use discolors the finish

Small and difficult to see while standing is the keys.

What to Look for in a Keypad Door Lock?

Ways of Entry

Most keypad locks can be opened with a code, but you should also consider other ways to open the lock. People can lose or forget their codes, and writing them down can lead to problems. That's why many modern keypad locks still have traditional keyholes - keys are still helpful, even more so if the safety is made in a way that prevents bumping.

Fingerprint identification is faster than typing in a code. It makes it harder for people to break into your house or business when it works. The technology is not too expensive, so you should consider getting a lock with this feature.

The Keypad

You'll want to make sure that your Keypad is working well. It is your primary way of communicating with the lock. The keys need to be prominent and easy to see, and you'll need good lighting when entering the dark. The keys must also be strong, so they don't wear out quickly.

Additional Security Features

It's not very useful to have an 8-digit PIN if someone watching you can guess it right away. Even cheap locks have ways of preventing people from intruding, so it's important to get a lock that makes it harder for people to figure out your combination.


People sometimes forget to lock their doors with a physical key. So, they will likely fail to turn a keyless lock on. Some keyless locks have an auto-lock toggle. This toggle allows you to switch between free passage when there is higher traffic and restricted access whenever needed. You should find out how long it takes for the auto-lock to activate and pick a model that is reasonably quick about it.

User Management

The more people have access to your lock, the easier it is for someone to steal your belongings. That is why your safety needs multiple user levels and an audit trail. This way, you can track who is using the lock and when. It is also a good idea to have a lock. You can activate with temporary codes, which can easily be disabled once they are no longer needed.

Power & Weatherproofing

Most keypad locks are powered by batteries, which means they will still work even if there is a power outage. However, the batteries will eventually run out, so it's essential to listen for warning signals that they are getting low. Every battery-powered lock should have a clear visual or auditory indicator that the batteries are running low.

Weather resistance is a big plus for keypad door locks. You can set them up in harsh environments like snow, rainfall, and dust. Make sure your chosen lock can withstand direct sunlight if needed.


Best Keypad Door Locks

A keypad door lock is an excellent investment you can make for your house. It will make your life easier because it will work well with the other devices in your home. You can choose a model that communicates with your security system or can unlock through a Wi-Fi-enabled app. Removing the old lockset and replacing it with a high-tech, high-convenience model is straightforward.

When looking for a keypad door lock, consider some essential factors. This guide investigates those factors and examines some of the best models available to make entering your home simple and stress-free.


Our Top Picks

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock is both flexible and secure. It has innovative technology that allows five different ways to unlock a door: the keypad, a fingerprint, a smartphone, a fob, or a key. You can also use the app to generate keypad codes that visitors can use to gain access. An "eKey" can be sent to trusted family members' and friends' email addresses.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can also control this keyless entry lock. Another option, sold separately, is a remote control that pairs with the manufacturer's Wi-Fi gateway.

Product Specs

  • Interface: Touch screen
  • Security Grade: Ungraded model
  • Power Source: Swappable batteries



keypad, fingerprint, smartphone, fob, and key unlocking

eKey remote unlocking

Compatible with remote control (sold separately)

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


No security grade was awarded.

Batteries not included

Keypad Door Lock3

ARDWOLF A30 Keypad Door Lock

This keypad door lock is perfect for apartment bedrooms and interior rooms. Enter a code, swipe a card, or insert a key to gain access. It's adaptable and safe. With the included hardware, the lock installs in a standard interior door. You can choose between auto-lock (which locks after five seconds) and unlocked mode (with the required code).

The handle on the lock is reversible and can be used on both right-hand and left-hand opening doors. The backlit keypad ensures that users can see it even in low-light conditions, making it ideal for interior rooms or hallways.

Product Specs

  • Buttons form the interface.
  • Unlisted security grade
  • Swappable batteries provide power.



Several unlocking methods are available: access code, card, or key.

Hardware for installation is included.

Auto-lock/open function.

The large handle is easy to turn and is ideal for those who have arthritis.


No security grade is listed.

Batteries not included

Not waterproof

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt, Yale Assure Lock SL

It is compatible with almost every innovative home platform, including Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Siri, and Alexa from Amazon. Before using Alexa, a hub must first be purchased. You can lock, unlock, and check your door using Alexa or your smartphone after the hub is installed and the keyless Yale lock replaces your old deadbolt. The lock's door sensor will notify your phone if the door opens or closes.

You can use your phone to open your door or enter a PIN code on the keypad (up to 250 codes). This Yale model includes two physical keys as backups and a privacy setting that temporarily blocks other codes.

Product Specs

  • Screen-touch interface
  • Secureness Level: Grade 2
  • Battery-swappable power source


Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Door sensor included

uses a pin, a smartphone, and backup keys to unlock

Privacy setting included


Hub is required for use with Amazon Alexa.


Some Considerations for Choosing the Best Keypad Door Lock

There are many different types of keypad door locks. It would help if you considered the following factors before you choose one: the touchscreen interface, the power supply, and other features.


Security Grade

Keypad door locks provide different levels of security. The level of protection they offer varies depending on the grade of the lock. Lock ratings were first developed in 1983 by ANSI and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA).

The ANSI/BHMA ratings put locks to the test against typical ways a burglar might try to break into a house. The three primary grades are:

  • ANSI Grade 1: Commercial locks are the strongest, most secure, and most durable on the market. They can be used in a home setting.
  • ANSI Grade 2: Residential settings are where these locks are more prevalent. They are strong and durable but not as strong as Grade 1 locks.
  • ANSI Grade 3: These locks meet the required standards for residential use.

Not all locks are created equal. If you are looking for a high-security lock, purchase one with ANSI/BHMA certification.

Touch Screen vs. Buttons

When choosing the best keypad door lock, you must decide between a touchscreen interface or buttons. Each style has benefits.

  • Touchscreen keypad locks are sleek and smooth. They light up when touched, so you can see the numbers you need to enter the combination. However, they can be challenging to see in direct sunlight. They are very visible at night, though.
  • Users of button keypad locks receive a confirmation when they enter the code correctly. While they are simple to see during the day, using them at night without a backlight can be difficult.

Power Source

A keypad door lock usually doesn't have a constant power source. It would help if you chose between rechargeable or swappable batteries.

  • Rechargeable batteries plug into a charger attached to the back of the unit. Once they are fully charged, you can put them back in the lock. The drawback is that they can take some time to charge, and a key will be required if someone wants to enter the house while the battery is charging.
  • Swappable batteries are good for quick changes. You can replace them easily by removing them from the back of the lock. It is a faster process, but you will need to have a supply of fresh batteries.

Smart Technology

Many of the best keypad door locks can be controlled with a mobile device, tablet, or computer. They use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the lock.

Some of these locks work with other types of innovative home technology, like digital voice assistants. For instance, users can lock and unlock their front, side, and back doors with a voice command after programming the necessary features.


The most effective keypad door locks have a lot of features that let you operate them with a connected device. It can include methods like:

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth-enabled devices connect to a smartphone. If the user is within range, they can lock and unlock the door. The device can also sense when someone is coming closer and will automatically open the door for them.
  • Wi-Fi: WiFi-enabled devices use your home's internet service to control the door lock. These locks can work with digital voice assistants, IFTTT devices, and security systems.
  • Biometric: Devices with biometric features usually use fingerprints to provide access. After you program, place your finger on the touchpad, and the device will lock or unlock.
  • RFID: Small electronic keycards, or tiles, are used by RFID devices to open locks. They resemble electronic badge locks found in commercial structures. When the safety detects the correct key, you raise the RFID tile or keycard to it, and the lock will open.

Remember that all these systems include traditional keys too. If you want, you can always use the manual key system.

Protection Mechanisms

Keypad door locks can be tampered with, just like standard door locks. However, some keypad door locks have extra security features, like an alarm that goes off after a few failed entry-code attempts. Or one that automatically shuts down the keypad after several failed attempts. Another helpful feature is automatic locking, which happens when you leave home (usually through Bluetooth) or when the keypad locks after someone has entered.

Access Logs and Rekeying

Some of the best smart locks offer keypad door locks that track who enters your home. It is a convenient feature because it adds an extra layer of security. You can check the access logs if you ever need to know who entered your home or if someone else needs access. You can also rekey the lock to give someone new access if required.

  • granting access to a dog sitter,
  •  allowing a repair or delivery person into your home
  • ensuring your children can return home after school.

The keypad door locks in this guide allow users to add, send, and delete digital keys using their accompanying apps.

Mechanical Backup Lock

Most electronic door locks include a mechanical backup in case the code is forgotten, or the lock battery dies. It means you can use the key to open the door even if you can't get into the house because you forgot the code or the battery is dead. Some electronic locks have hidden tumblers tucked away behind plastic shrouds and plates. The included key will unlock the door, no matter what.

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