First ‘L’HAANG Spring Mixer Brings Employees Together

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The Hispanic & Latin Business Resource Group (HLBRG) and the African American Network Group (AANG) hosted the first “L’HAANG Spring Mixer” at CBRE’s downtown Chicago office last week. A collaborative effort of the Chicago chapters of CBRE’s HLBRG and AANG internal network groups, the acronym ‘L’HAANG’ conveniently merges the two names to form the Latin and Hispanic, African American Network Group.


“Getting-to-Know-You BINGO” heats up.

Raquel Arteaga, transaction manager for Latin America and local representative for HLBRG along with AANG Chicago Co-Leads Stephanie Smith, client services coordinator with Advisory & Transaction Services and Taryn Smith, communications specialist with the Midwest Marketing and Communications team, planned the event to connect people across different business lines and learn employees’ expectations of both organizations.

Attendees played an intriguing game of “Getting-to-know-you BINGO” and engaged in a discussion contributing ideas for future events and activities.

“The Spring Mixer was simply wonderful! Thank you for your collaboration and preparation. Hopefully, in the future, we can come together for continued thought provoking discussions.” – Attendee

The feedback from attendees has inspired the three to host another ‘L’HAANG’ event so stay tuned!

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