New Workplace Strategies Result in 80% of Large Chicago Law Firms Downsizing in Past Two Years

cy7c_jwvqaajgypAccording to a new report from CBRE Research, large law firms in Chicago, those occupying 75,000 square feet or more, continue to downsize space, with 80 percent shrinking their office footprints in the last two years.

Currently, the average square feet per attorney occupied by the 25 largest law firms in Chicago is approximately 1,000 square feet. However, the report states that most of these firms are aiming to downsize to 750 square feet or lower per attorney.

To achieve this, many firms are:

  • Implementing new workplace designs.
  • Standardizing to one or two office sizes.
  • Eliminating law library space through digitization of paper records.
  • Creating open floor design areas that allow for more efficient and collaborative use of space.

Todd Lippman, vice chairman with CBRE’s Law Firm Practice Group, recently spoke with the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin about these trends.

In the article, Lippman stated: “The takeaway is that this is something that is a fundamental change in how law firms do business and they’re going to continue to become more efficient and do everything they can to manage their costs more effectively.

“Besides looking to control and reduce occupancy costs, I think the other drivers are trying to provide a more efficient workplace with the changing dynamics regarding how lawyers are doing work today,”

To read the entire report, please click here.

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