Does a Suburban or Urban Location Make Sense for An Association or Nonprofit?

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In Chicago, the move of several large employers from the suburbs to the CBD has prompted many suburban firms to reevaluate their current situation.

Is talent more accessible downtown? Can a firm grow faster in a CBD location?

While many industries are assessing this trend and asking these questions, associations and nonprofits, which have a large base in the Chicago area, have yet to enter the discussion.

CBRE’s own Gregg Witt, SVP, put on his reporter hat and penned a piece for Association Forum Magazine to bring them into the conversation. 

In the story, Gregg interviewed multiple senior executives from both suburban-based and Chicago-based associations regarding their opinions on location and staffing issues.

The results were interesting:

  • Some claim to have no issues with staffing in the suburbs.
  • Some believe a move within the suburbs has helped their association grow.
  •  While others admit that having a Chicago address, or, being very close to Chicago and public transportation, has been beneficial for attracting talent.

Read the entire article here.


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