Forbes magazine names CBRE to ‘Top Employers’ list — highlights Workplace360 strategy

CBRE announced today that it has been ranked 15th on the list of 500 U.S.-based companies in Forbes magazine’s 2016 “America’s Best Employers” list.

This fantastic article highlights how CBRE has transformed the workplace experience and become a leader in workplace strategies and initiatives, leading to applause from both employees and clients alike.

In October 2014, CBRE moved into its Workplace360 offices at 321 N. Clark St. in Chicago. The space epitomizes the company’s leading-edge workplace strategy initiative designed to support the way employees work today, and in the future, through enhanced flexibility, mobility, technology and productivity.


A one-year post occupancy survey was completed recently, which revealed several positive results from employees, including:

  • 90% of employees feel more productive in the new space
  • 96% of employees are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the new working arrangement
  • 89% of employees would not go back to the traditional way of working
  • 87% agree that they have the ability to easily collaborate with colleagues more than they were able to before
  • 95% say the new workplace represents a world-class organization, while 100% agree that clients are interested in the new work environment

“The message we are sending and delivering in the market is that we are an industry leader in terms of real estate strategy,” said Chris Connelly, president for CBRE’s Midwest division. “Our Workplaces Strategies business is one of the fastest growing businesses that we have and what better way to demonstrate our concepts than to actually walk the walk, which is what we have done with this Workplace360 occupancy strategy.”

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